Serving the communities of East Greenwich, West Warwick, and the Potowomut section of Warwick, RI

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Game Preparation and Cancellation Procedures
1.       It is courtesy to drop an email note to the opposing coach by Thursday/Friday of the Saturday before the game.  If anything special about your team needs to be communicated, this is a good time to do it (I am have a lot of kids away on vacation, etc). 
2.       If the weather forecast is questionable, understand how their fields hold up in the rain and how their town or program dictates fields being closed and games canceled.
3.       If you are the home team, the responsibility in calling the game rests with you as the coach.
4.       If you are the away team, the decision is made by the home team program.
5.       Go to your team home page and “click” on the game date in your list of “next 10 events”.    It will draw up contact information for the opposing coaches.   It should also show venue directions.
6.       Again, typically, both coaches touch base on Friday and confirm a time they will call the game on Saturday morning.  Typically an hour is the timeframe.  But if traveling to East Bay or Portsmouth, that window may need to be longer.
7.       Since officials are involved the home team is responsible to cancel a 8:30 AM game no later than 7:30 AM so they can be notified.   A 9:30 game by 8:30 and so on.  
8.       A list of the officials and their phone numbers are on the EG site.  Do the best you can in contacting them in enough time.  If the refs show up, we pay them.
9.       If they do not hear from the opposing coach, be it home or away, assume the game is on.  If questionable, you may just need to show up and make a game time decision if conditions are questionable.